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Privacy and Disclosure

This web site collects information from its visitors during the course of its normal activities. This information will be used for the normal conduct of the site.  We will not send you any e-mail offers nor will we sell, share or give your information away for any reason with the exception of complying with any legal government order.

There are many different businesses and other organizations listed on this web site.  This web site and the affiliated organizations, companies and businesses make no claim as to the credibility, reliability or reputation of any company, organization or government listed on this site. We reserve the right to refuse to list anything we care to list with no cause given. We refuse to list anything we know to promote non Christian values. We reserve the right to remove any listing previously placed here.

We will provide a basic listing of any church apporved business or other aproved organization in Wharton County Texas free of charge or obligation. However, we can provide a more deluxe listing for a small monthly fee.  This fee will vary depending on the type and complexity of the listing requested.  We do not list or endorse any caudate for public office. 

It is our policy not to list any business whose sole or primary business is to sell or otherwise distribute alcoholic beverages, tobacco  products, or adult oriented products.

In any case the sole desecration as to what is listed and what is excluded is left up to the owners of McCendon Enterprises. 

If you would like to add a listing for your organization or company please send an e-mail to our webmaster. Or use our on line form.


  1. Discover Wharton Visitor's Guide Produced and distributed by the Wharton Journal-Spectator Summer 2004 Edition.
  2. Discover Wharton Visitor's Guide Produced and distributed by the Wharton Journal-Spectator Summer 2005 Edition.
  3. Pamphlet by Texas Historical Commission Texas Independence Trail Region Texas Historical Commission PO BOX 12276 Austin TX 78711-2276 Phone 512-463-6100 Fax 512-475-4872
  4. Historic Towns of Texas by Joe Tom Davis, from Wharton County Library call number 976.4 DAV.ISBN 0-89015-824-XX ©1992 by Joe Tom Davis published by Eakin Press an imprint of Sunbelt Media Inc. PO Drawer 90159 Austin TX 78709-0159 Chapter II Egypt Crossroads Town of Plenty

All logos are the property of the company the represent and are used with permission either through an affiliate program or through media kits provided by the company to promote their company

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