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Boling Texas

Boling Jain
Community Services

  • Established after the Civil War by Taylor brothers (William, Toliver, Tyre, Marcus D., Ben, and Zachariah) who came to Wharton County to become large Plantation Owners.
  • Boling was known as Floyd's Lane
  • In 1903 a plat of land was designated to become a town known as Boling within the "Vineyard Town Company".
  • Named in honor of Bolling A. Harrison daughter of Gerard A. Harrison. 
  • Somehow one of the "l"s was dropped and the accepted spelling become Boling.
  • Became a boom town in 1925 with the discovery of oil
  • Original map of Boling was filed in Wharton County Deed Records in 1903 by R. B. Huston, president of the Vineyard town company.
  • Located on the Texas, Mexican and New York Railroad 10 miles Southeast of Wharton.
  • Post office established in April 1926 with Lloyd W. Travis as postmaster. 
  • 1929 School was furnished to educate local youth.
  • 1942 Boling Independent School District was organized.

February last Saturday in February Annual Boling Fair Fundraiser
June Second Saturday in June Annual Boiling Bullshooter's Fund Raiser.
August-First Saturday in August St.Joseph Church Bazar.

Welcome to Boling

Boling Area Churches

Church of Jesus Christ
421 E Texas ST
Boling TX 77420 -9395
(979) 657-9903
First Baptist Church of Boling
1146 HWY  1301
Boling TX 77420
(979) 657-2263
First United Methodist Church
Boling TX
(979) 657-3057
Old Bethlehem Baptist Church
Cardell Rd
Boling TX
Saint Joseph's Catholic Church
Shiloh Baptist Church
FM 442
Boling TX
More are churches

Other Web Sites

Boling Community Services/Agencies

Boling Clinic
120 Railroad
Boling TX
(979) 657-4000
Boling District Community Center
(979) 657-2600
Boling Little League
Boling TX
(979) 657-3813

Boling Municipal

Boling TX
(979) 657-3736
Boling Municpal Water District
(979) 657-2106


Flowers in front of Boling Post Office

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